The Eternal Journey Begins…

Thousand Year Old Vampire (TYOV) is a new RPG experience created by game designer Tim Hutchings. It is “a solo roleplaying game about the remorseless crush of memory over millennia. And vampires.”

As of this writing, the Kickstarter for the project has recently ended. In the end, 1,423 backers pledged $37,102 to help bring this project to…ahem…unlife (the project’s goal was $500). I, of course, was one of those backers. I was so intrigued by the concept for TYOV, how could I not throw in some ducats?

As I perused the draft of the game Mr. Hutchings provided to the world, I felt more than justified for my choice to support the birth of the game. And something nagged at me: no doubt there will be many beautifully tragic and wondrous stories that players will craft as they make the journey that is this cool little indie game. Wouldn’t it be a shame if those stories went unread by a wider audience?

In a fit of fevered inspiration, I decided to create this site as a place for players of Thousand Year Old Vampire to share their tales of undeath. Why let such stories languish in obscurity? Why not create a venue for them to be enjoyed by other players of this unique roleplaying game, and perhaps build a community at the same time?

So, here’s my humble contribution to said community of would-be undead beings. Send me your tales, and I will publish them here. Check out the Submit Your Tale page for more details!

I look forward to hearing your tales of woe and wonder! Also, suggestions for the site are welcome!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.
— Izaak Walton


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