The Tale of Nour: A TYOV Gameplay Example – Part 1

[Note: I’m still wondering about the format for the Tale posts. I figure that players will usually opt to just tell their vampires’ stories without delving into the mechanics/actual play details behind the stories.

However, for instructional purposes, I thought it might be helpful to include actual play details within the story of Nour, the vampire featured in my first playthrough of the draft TYOV game. I’ve broken the playthrough into several posts, due to length.

I envisioned Nour, who’s name means “light,” as a man born in 1490 BC who became a servant of Queen Hatshepsut, a historical ruler of the Egyptian New Kingdom. His initial Traits were as follows:

Skills: Scribing, Singing, Poison Making

Resources: Scribing materials, Poison, Mysterious Benefactor

Mortal Characters: Queen Hatshepsut, Queen of Egypt; Mekor, Priest of Osiris; Net, a fellow servant and my lover

Immortal Character: A being that calls itself Osiris, which may or may not be the inspiration for the Egyptian god of the same name; Mekor worships this being directly

Marks: Badly scarred throat that he covers with clothing

Three starting Memories: My father abused me and my family, so I killed him with poison; My singing attracted the attention of the Queen, who also employed me as a scribe; I fell in love with Net, another of the Queen’s servants

Now, here is the tale of Nour…]

I was born a mortal named Nour during the reign of the glorious Queen Hatshepsut, who raised me from nothing to become one of her most trusted servants. I had found my way to her court thanks to a mysterious benefactor who came to me at night when I was a youth.

It was this mysterious benefactor who taught me to write, helping me to develop the skills that would one day enable me to serve the Queen so well. The stranger in the shadows also taught me to sing, which would one day allow me to catch the Queen’s notice in the first place.

My childhood and young adulthood were filled with torment, because my father, a stoneworker, would beat me and my family in fits of rage. Eventually, it was my mysterious benefactor who would teach me a final lesson, in how to create and use potent poisons. It was this tool by which I slew my father.

I thought my father’s death would bring relief to our family. But when I told my mother and sisters what I had done, they cursed me, and I fled my childhood home in shame.

I wandered, and my only guide was my shadowy companion in the night. The sweet voice of the shadow told me to go to the Queen’s palace, and sing on the steps. It wasn’t long before I was summoned within to see Hatshepsut herself. I sang for her again, and she smiled, and asked me if I was more than a pretty voice. When I told her I was also a scribe, her smiled widened.

Thus did I become a scribe of the Queen. My mysterious benefactor, having delivered me from a darker fate, seemed to have disappeared from my life…

It was after a time that I met Net, a body servant of the Queen. I thought that Net was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I fell in love with her, and sang for her. She seemed to love me as well, and we spent as much time as possible together. We were happy, for a time…

[Dice roll brought me to Prompt #1; I had to kill a Mortal Character and take the Skill “Bloodthirsty” and record an Experience about what happened]

After a time, I noticed that one of the priests of Osiris, Mekor, had begun to treat me poorly. He seemed jealous of the affections I received from the Queen, as well as from Net. I found he was always watching me.

One night, as I returned from a stolen moment with Net, I was attacked by several men. I thought that they must have been sent by Mekor. One of them raised a blade, but then a shadow came to save me. I thought it was my old benefactor, but as it ripped open the throats of my attackers, I knew this was a different creature.

When the other men were dead, the thing came for me. There was incredible agony as it ripped open my throat as well. But then, after it had fed on me for a moment, it brought its mouth up to mine and vomited the blood back into me. I remember feeling as if I was drowning, gasping vainly for breath. I thought I was going to die…

But then, sometime later, I awoke. My face and chest were covered in coagulated blood. I felt my throat, which was now a closed wound composed of twisted scar tissue. It was still night, perhaps the same night. I rushed to find Net, my love, my solace. I found her in her chamber, asleep.

I woke her up, and she looked at me, and screamed. I tried to calm her, but she fled from me. I felt rage at this, sudden and hot, and also a hunger like I had never felt before. I lunged across her chamber, and a darkness descended over me. When I returned to consciousness again, Net lay at my feet, her body mangled, her sightless eyes staring up at me. I collapsed to my knees, and wept tears of blood.

That’s when a familiar voice spoke from the shadows. My mysterious benefactor had returned. The voice told me to hurry, to hide from the coming of the guards and the rising of the sun, for surely Ra would burn me to nothingness. In my sorrow and fear, I followed the voice, which lead me to an empty tomb that was under construction. There I slept for I know not how long.

[Dice roll brought me to Prompt #4, which told me I had to flee because I was exposed, lose stationary Resources, check a Skill, and a Mortal flees with me…I figured my resources were all portable so I kept them…I checked the Singing skill and picked Mekor to “flee” with me…]

After a few nights and days, the voice returned to tell me to flee north. It told me that the being that had turned me into a monster was Osiris, the Judge of the Dead. Mekor and the other priests of the dread god were hunting me, at the order of Osiris.

So flee I did. The voice told me that Mekor would follow me far, out of duty to his god and rage at the slaying of Net. I left the land of my birth, vowing in my sorrow to never sing again.

[By this time, I had three Experiences that needed to become a Memory: the events surrounding my creation, which were determined during character creation; and the events that arose from my first two Prompt rolls. These three Experiences became my fourth Memory.]

Continued in Part 2

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