The Tale of Nour: A TYOV Gameplay Example – Part 2

[If you haven’t read part 1 of Nour’s tale yet, check it out here]

[Dice roll brought me to Prompt #8, which told me I was recognized by another of my kind. I followed instructions and created an immortal named Isis, got rid of my mysterious benefactor Resource, and gained the skill Vampire Slaying. Here’s the Experience I created…]

I took ship at the mouth of the Nile, and on board I met a being that called herself Isis. She was a beautiful thing, her skin still retaining the dark cast she had in life. We hid in the bowels of the ship, and Isis told me that she, in fact, was the mysterious benefactor who had guided me for so long.

Isis also told me she had tried to save me from Osiris, but failed because he was more powerful than her. She could not stop him from turning me into a being such as them. Indeed, Isis had been fighting Osiris for many years. But now, she had me as a fellow immortal ally.

Bloody tears flowing from her dark eyes, Isis vowed to teach me how our kind could be destroyed. If she could not spare me to dark hunger of unlife, she would equip me to destroy my creator.

{Dice roll brought me to Prompt #16, which said I was being hunted in an organized way. I had to create a Mortal character related to one of my checked Skills, and also check another Skill. I created a vampire hunting assassin and related him to my checked Singing Skill, and then checked Bloodthirsty, in order to use it to kill the assassin…]

By the time our ship brought us to Greece, Isis had taught me the few ways to slay our kind: sunlight, silver, and decapitation. She brought me to a place she said was safe, a sublevel of a warehouse by the docks. Then, she left me, saying there were matters she must attend to.

Early the next night, I heard a familiar song in the air. I crept up from below ground, and followed the beautiful voice singing in my native tongue. There was a cloaked figure sitting on the docks, staring out to sea.

When I moved closer, the figure leaped up as if sensing my presence, and threw off the cloak. There before me stood a young mortal, a Greek dressed as a warrior. He haughtily declared his name was Naxos, a member of a band of hunters of the undead, and that he would rid the world of me and my kind.

In life I was not a warrior. This deficiency almost proved my demise, and Naxos produced a fine blade of silver and worked it with extreme skill. To save myself, I summoned up the blood lust that had caused me to kill my beloved Net. The preternatural rage allowed me to kill my would-be assassin.

I fed from the dying warrior, then brooded over his body. I was left to wonder how this man had known to sing such a familiar song near my hiding place. I mulled over the implications for the rest of the night, and wondered where Isis had gone…

[Dice roll brought me to Prompt #18, which told me I destroyed a group. I had to explain why I destroyed them, then gain a Resource and lose a Resource. I chose to lose my stash of Poisons and gained a mortal vampire hunter…]

Now I know for sure. Isis has betrayed me. But why? Why befriend me, teach me, then seek to destroy me in so short a time?

I was cautious over the nights after I killed Naxos. I watched from dark places along the docks. Finally, a group of four men came slinking along in the moonlight. The mortals thought themselves silent and well hidden in the shadows, no doubt. They came to the warehouse that was my temporary home, and crept inside.

Like Naxos, they were fools to come against me in the night. Why not strike at me during the daylight? I stood above them in the darkness of the warehouse, high on a sturdy shelf, unseen among large casks of wine. When the group walked beneath my hiding place, I shoved several casks, causing them to fall on the mortals.

Three of the men were crushed, but one managed to avoid being struck. He turned to run, but I easily caught up with him. As I loomed over him, he threw down his weapon and begged for his life. I asked him who had sent him, and the woman he described could only be Isis.

I determined to turn her own game against her. I offered the warrior before me the chance to save his own life, if he would work for me. In exchange, I would teach him to slay my own kind. The man, whose name was Agrias, agreed to serve me. I commanded him to remove the dead bodies of his fallen fellows, and return to me the next night to begin his training.

Once Agrias had left, I brooded again over the treachery of Isis. I determined to distance myself from the taint of her influence on my existence. As part of this purging, I threw the poisons she had taught me to use into the water.

I decided I would kill the one who had once been my teacher, so long ago…

[The Experiences above became my fifth Memory, taking up my last Memory slot]

Continued in Part 3…

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