Submit Your Tale

If you wish to submit a Thousand Year Old Vampire story, here are the submission guidelines:

There are no strict submission guidelines at the time of this writing, except that you send the text of your post in the body of an email to Do NOT send an attachment (emails with attachments will be deleted to avoid viruses). Be sure to include a title for your story and (if you feel so inclined) a link to/suggestion for a featured image for the post (I’ll do my best to use a specific image, or a reasonable facsimile if there are potential copyright issues). I will publish all content as-is, and will not edit.

Note that I will do my best to post your story as soon as (in)humanly possible. Be sure to check your post once it goes live and let me know if any text is missing, or alert me to any other issues. Again, please have patience, and have mercy! This is not my full-time job by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just a gamer like you, who loves Thousand Year Old Vampire!

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